Mark Heerman

I was born and raised in Springfield. I grew up playing sports, which is one reason I enjoy shooting sporting events. Having played just about every sport, I have the ability to see plays forming. This gives me the chance to predict when a big play is going to happen, allowing me to freeze that special moment in time. Whether I am around a playing field or just walking down the street, I always seem to be able to put myself in the right place, at the right time.

Along with taking pictures, I also enjoy playing around with photo editing programs. I have done everything from completely removing a person from a wedding photo to inserting a friend into a still from a movie. A few examples of photo editing.

If you are reading this before we have had a chance to meet, and you happen to run into me somewhere, please stop me and say hello! I am a very easy going person that loves to meet new people, and I'm looking forward to meeting you.

If you would like me to attend a sporting event to take photos or if you have any questions about a project or an idea for a shoot that you would like to schedule, please feel free to ask me any questions you might have. You can reach me here.